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Welcome to Kinderland Academy educational daycare in Santa Ana California. We remain committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for your child when they're away from home.

Our academy is open

From 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m
License #: 304371091
Tel: (714) 280 - 4222

We are closely following guidance from the CDC, as well as state and local officials and health authorities. Upon arrival, we screen everyone entering the building for temperature and symptoms. Those who exhibit symptoms will not be admitted. Parents/visitors will be restricted to common areas only. Everyone must wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer upon entry to building.


Our curriculum includes many opportunities for your child to learn and grow. These programs are part of everything we do in the classroom.


Measures children’s expressive and receptive vocabulary. Also their ability to use conversational skills and vocabulary to communicate effectively.


Measures children’s phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, reading and writing skills.

Creative Arts

Measures children’s ability to express ideas and feelings through music, movement, visual arts, and drama.

Social Sudies

Measures children’s understanding of themselves, their families, communities, and their world.

Nature & Science

Measures children’s understanding of the natural and physical world; as well as, their ability to observe, describe, predict and gather data.

Physical Development/Health

Measures children’s fine and gross motor skills; as well as, their understanding of health and nutrition.

Social-Emotional Development

Measures children’s self-awareness, ability to show respect and empathy for others.

Logic & Reasoning

Measures children’s sequencing, problem-solving, symbolic, and critical-thinking skills.

Early Math

Measures children’s ability to understand numbers, patterns, sorting and ordering. As well as, the ability to use numbers to add, subtract, measure, and graph.

At Kinderland Academy we provide Preschool and Private Kindergarten programs. We also offer families a mobile app that provides parents great communication with teachers and staff.

We also offer a phonics and Spanish program!

Call us today and schedule a tour so we can show you why Kinderland Academy is the premier school for early childhood education.

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